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When looking for better insurance rates or coverage on home, business, or auto insurance in Philadelphia or any community in Pennsylvania contact the licensed agents of Humphries Insurance by calling 215-646-5633. 

Quotes for car and home are available online 24 hours per day from top rated companies offering insurance in the entire state of Pennsylvania when you click on auto insurance Philadelphia

As a leading independent insurance agency in Pennsylvania we represent a number of top rated companies offering insurance in 8 states.  We also offer competitive insurance solutions from Erie Insurance in Philadelphia.

Erie Insurance Offers a Powerful Philadelphia Car Insurance Premium Rate Lock! 

This money saving feature is available throughout the state of Pennsylvania and it is called the Rate Protection Endorsement

How will this special policy endorsement benefit you when shopping for car insurance in Philadelphia?  The Rate Protection Endorsement is a feature that will keep your car insurance premiums level.* (see terms and conditions below) 

How is this possible?  Please note how this endorsement keeps your premiums level as long as you are insured with Erie:  Your” policy premium will remain the same unless one or more of the changes listed in paragraphs 1. Or 2.below occur: 

  1. On or after the date this endorsement is added to “your” policy, “we” will adjust the total policy premium only if one or more of the following changes occur: 
  • change to the location where an insured vehicle is principally garaged;
  • addition, deletion, or replacement of an “auto;” or
  • addition or deletion of a listed driver on “your” policy. 

If one or more of the changes listed in a., b., or c. above occur, “your” entire policy premium will be adjusted using current rates. ERIE Rate Lock® does not guarantee continued insurance coverage.* 

The Rate Protection Endorsement Can Keep Your Philadelphia Automobile Insurance Rates Low! 

Car accidents and claims happen on a daily basis in our area. Unfortunately Philadelphia drivers seem to have more claims and accidents compared to other drivers in the state of Pennsylvania! 

For instance according to statistical data from one insurance company Philadelphia drivers are almost 62% more likely to have an accident in Philadelphia versus the national averages! 

Perhaps you are a very careful and safe driver, but if you have an accident, the Rate Protection Endorsement will protect you from large rate increases other companies eagerly hand out when you have an at fault accident. 

Probably even more interesting is that the Rate Protection Endorsement is more than a simple accident forgiveness program.  It also includes protection for moving violations that you might receive on your driving record. 

The Rate Protection Endorsement provides assurances that you will not receive a rate increase on your car insurance in Philadelphia unless you make one of the above listed changes to your policy. 

To obtain a rate quote now call 215-646-5633 to speak with our team members or click Erie Insurance Philadelphia for an online rate quote from Erie Insurance. 

Why Choose Us When You Need Insurance in Philadelphia?

As an independent insurance agency we have the unique ability to truly shop the market for our clients and future policyholders.  

Many of the companies advertising cheap auto insurance in Philadelphia on television typically will offer you a price quote only from the company they represent. 

There isn’t a single insurance company that has the ability to guarantee the lowest prices for every driver. 

This is why you should call Humphries Insurance for your insurance needs. We represent a number of top rated companies and can help you secure the coverage you need for a price you can afford. 

What Types of Insurance Coverage Do We Offer in Pennsylvania?

In addition to highly competitive rates for car and homeowners insurance in Philadelphia we offer all sorts of different types of business insurance in Philadelphia including: 

  • Workers compensation insurance Philadelphia
  • Contractors insurance Philadelphia
  • Tow truck insurance Philadelphia
  • Roofing Contractors Insurance Philadelphia
  • Landlord insurance Philadelphia 

We can insure any type of business no matter if you are a brand new business venture looking for your first new customer or you have sales in excess of $100 million dollars per year! 

Call Humphries Insurance When Shopping for Insurance in Philadelphia.

Our team of licensed agents can help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford. 

Call us today at 215-646-5633 and we would be happy to discuss your insurance needs or use our convenient online rate quote system for personal insurance. 

Click on Auto Insurance Philadelphia or to receive a quote from Erie Insurance click on Erie Insurance Philadelphia

*The ERIE Rate Lock Disclosure provides the following:  Rates subject to change if you add or remove a vehicle, add or remove a driver or change your address.  ERIE Rate Lock® does not guarantee continued insurance coverage.  Not available in all states.   Limited to three years in Virginia.  Insured must meet applicable underwriting guidelines.  Premium may change if you make a policy change.  Patent pending.