Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania.

Great Prices for Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania Available Now!

Truck Insurance in PennsylvaniaWhen looking for competitive rates for truck insurance in Pennsylvania contact the licensed agents of Humphries Insurance at 215-656-5663.

As an independent insurance agency we have the ability to shop the market with multiple companies to find you the right coverage at a price you can afford.

Pennsylvania Truck Insurance – What Do You Need?

When you hear the term “truck insurance” it conjures up the idea that only your “truck” is covered, however there are a variety of different options that may be important for you to consider as you are shopping for commercial truck insurance in Pennsylvania.  

For instance if you own a towing service it would be a good idea to consider On Hook Coverage in addition to Philadelphia Garage Keepers Insurance if you store vehicles.

If you are an over the road independent owner operator, not operating under your own authority, you may need to purchase bobtail insurance or non-trucking liability insurance.

How can Bobtail Insurance protect you?

Bobtail insurance protects drivers while you are in between jobs and do not have a trailer attached to your rig. Pennsylvania Bobtail Insurance is usually purchased when you are working for a motor carrier who is providing coverage to you.

If you’re not sure what type of insurance coverage you need the specialist at Humphries Insurance can help.

Tow Truck Insurance Pennsylvania – Is This Covered?

Jim, a college student, is very excited about his upcoming fall break. He makes plans to travel to visit his family and high school sweetheart for the week. The weather forecast suggests a winter storm will affect the entire area the day after Jim is scheduled to leave.

Thankfully he plans to be home sitting by a nice warm fire when the brunt of the storm hits.

After his last class Jim packs up his car and heads out. It’s about a three-hour trip, but the roads seem clear and worry free initially. After about two hours on the road the sky begins to turn dark.

The wind picks up and it starts to rain. Jim figures he has some time before things get bad.

A half an hour later Jim is driving through strong winds and a mix of rain, sleet, ice and snow.

The road begins to ice over, and though he’s a careful driver he slides off the road into a ditch.

Jim calls his parents and a tow truck is on the way. Arnold’s Tow Truck Service shows up 45 minutes later and the storm has gotten far worse. Arnold, is able to pull Jim’s car out of the ditch but it is not drivable so he hooks up the car with intentions to tow the vehicle to Jim’s parents’ home.

Unfortunately the driver for Arnold’s Tow Truck Service hits a patch of ice and Jim’s car breaks loose from the tow truck and flips over on its side.

The tow truck is damaged, Jim’s car ends up being totaled because of the extra damage from the tow truck accident.

Which company will pay for the damage?  Jim’s insurance company or the tow truck company’s insurance company?

The experienced agents at Humphries Insurance can answer that and many more questions!

Truck Insurance in Pennsylvania – Let Us Help You Find the Coverage You Need!

At Humphries Insurance we can help you navigate the complexities of insurance to get the right coverage.

Call us today at 215-646-5663 to speak with our licensed agents, we are here to help!

Pennsylvania Commercial truck insurance is also available in the following cities:

  • Truck Insurance Philadelphia
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Pittsburgh Pa
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Allentown Pa
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Erie
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Blue Bell
  • Truck Insurance Reading Pennsylvania

Contractors Insurance Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Contractors Insurance – Same Day Quotes & Coverage!

Contractors Insurance PhiladelphiaWhen searching for great contractors insurance in Philadelphia or the entire state of Pennsylvania look no further than the Humphries Insurance Group.

Our experienced agents will work with you to help you find the coverage you need for a super competitive rate. Call us at 215-646-5633 or click on Contractors Insurance Philadelphia to send us your information for a quote.

What Types of Philadelphia Contractors Insurance Do We Offer?

At the Humphries Insurance Group we provide insurance for a wide variety of contractors. Each business is different, so each policy must be too.

We offer Pennsylvania Contractors Insurance throughout the state including:

  • Philadelphia Plumbing Contractors Insurance
  • Roofing Insurance Pittsburgh
  • Carpenter Insurance Allentown
  • Erie Pennsylvania Landscaping Contractors Insurance
  • Painting Insurance Reading Pennsylvania
  • Scranton Pest Control Insurance
  • Bethlehem Pennsylvania HVAC Insurance
  • And More!

Insurance can be complicated. So how do you know what coverages you need? One of our qualified agents can discuss your businesses needs and help you find the right policy.

How Does Philadelphia Contractors Insurance Protect You?

If you own a business you need insurance to protect you. There are many different types of policy options in the coverage you choose may also be influenced by the size and scope of your construction business.

Purchasing Philadelphia General Liability Insurance is step one. General Liability insurance can protect you from bodily injury and property damage claims that you may be legally responsible for.

In addition the general liability insurance policy will provide defense cost.  In other words if you are sued, your insurance company will provide an attorney to you to defend you from the lawsuit.

What If You Use Your Personal Vehicle in Your Business?

If you have not yet purchased a business car insurance policy you may want to determine if it is necessary. Depending on the scope and size of your business and whether or not your personal automobile insurer allows artisan usage will dictate whether you need a business car insurance policy.

To receive a quote for business auto click on Commercial Auto Insurance Philadelphia.

If you own a large number of vehicles Philadelphia fleet auto insurance is something we specialize in providing coverage for up to 1000 vehicles.

Insurance for Contractors in Philadelphia – Getting the Best Coverage.

No matter if you are a general contractor or one that specializes in Roofing, Painting, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Work, Pest Control, or Landscaping you need insurance to protect yourself financially.

The knowledgeable agents at the Humphries Insurance Group can get you better coverage for a rate you can afford.

Call us at 215-646-5633 or click insurance for contractors in Philadelphia to use our convenient online quote system.

All forms of Contractors Insurance available in following local areas:

  • Contractors Insurance Norristown
  • Contractors Insurance Upper Darby Pa
  • Contractors Insurance Blue Bell Pa
  • Contractors Insurance King Of Prussia Pa
  • Contractors Insurance Willow Grove Pa


Roofing Contractors Insurance Philadelphia

Searching for Roofing Contractors Insurance in Philadelphia?

Humphries Insurance has well-versed agents who are ready to help you get the coverage you need!

Call us today at 215-646-5633 or click on roofing insurance Philadelphia to begin your quote.

Roofing Contractors Insurance PhiladelphiaRoofing Insurance in Philadelphia – Ways to Keep Safe!

Roofing is considered one of the most dangerous professions. There are a lot of risks involved, primarily of bodily harm. Accidents can be common, but there are some simple steps to help keep you safe while on the job.

Make sure you don’t work alone. It’s important to have an extra set of hands around to help with equipment and if there is an accident someone can call for help.

Your ladder should be in good condition and on a level surface. You can also attach a ladder to the roof for an added safety railing.

If the roof is wet or slippery avoid walking on it. A good quality pair of boots with excellent traction and support is important to keep your balance and comfort while working.

Wear the appropriate safety gear, such as a well-grounded harness, safety glasses, and hardhats.

Finally, it’s important to clean up as you work. Stray nails or shingles can become a tripping hazard.

Roofers Insurance Philadelphia – Buy Coverage from Day One!

Alfred Lorraine owns a roofing company, Lorraine’s Roofing. When he started he didn’t have the money to pay for insurance so he did his best to be very careful while working. It was a slow start but he enjoyed working with his hands out in the fresh air and sun.

A few years go by and word of Alfred’s skill has helped him become a well-known name in roofing. His business is really gaining momentum. Alfred is able to hire a few more workers to help him, and he begins to think about getting insurance mainly because customers are asking for it.

He purchases a Philadelphia roofing contractors insurance policy from a local agency on April 1st.

A few weeks later Alfred receives a notice in the mail that he’s being sued! One of his previous customers is claiming that the roofing repairs Alfred had completed on his home caused a leak in the attic leading to extensive water damage and black mold.

The customer states in his lawsuit that Alfred incorrectly installed a downspout that led to the water leak. The client is suing Alfred for $50,000 in damages.

Alfred is worried and relieved at the same time.  Worried because he’s never been sued before and he prides himself in his workmanship but relieved because he had the foresight to recently purchase a contractors insurance policy to cover claims like this.

Seven days later Alfred receives a claim denial from his insurance company because he was not covered by the existing policy at the time that the job was completed.

Alfred learned a hard lesson as he needed to file bankruptcy and close his company because he could not pay the $50,000 judgment assessed against him.

For the best protection, Alfred should have purchased roofing contractors insurance before he first began to repair and replace roofs.

Roofing Contractors Insurance Philadelphia – Call Us Today!

At Humphries Insurance our skilled agents are ready to help you get the right coverage for a price you can afford.

Call us at 215-646-5633 or click on roofing contractors insurance Pennsylvania to begin your quote today.

We proudly service the following areas:

  • Philadelphia Roofing Contractors Insurance
  • Pittsburgh roofing insurance
  • Roofing Insurance Allentown
  • Roofing Insurance Erie
  • Reading PA Roofing Insurance
  • Scranton Roofing Insurance


Philadelphia Automobile Insurance

Excellent Options for Philadelphia Automobile Insurance Are One Call or Click Away!

Call Humphries Insurance at 215-646-5633 to find low-cost options for Philadelphia automobile insurance or use our convenient online quote system by clicking one of the two links below:

Philadelphia Automobile InsuranceThree Tips You Can Use Today to Keep Your Philadelphia Auto Insurance Rates Low!

Package Your Home and Car Insurance with the Same Company.

You can’t imagine how many individuals we talk to that haven’t taken the step and are automatically paying 20 to 30% more!

A number of companies selling car insurance in Philadelphia underwrite car insurance only and they sell home, renters, or condominium insurance policies through other companies.

Why is it a bad idea to buy car insurance from a company that only sells car insurance?

Because you are losing a multi-policy discount on your home insurance and this automatically causes you to pay more money in most instances when you consider both the car and home insurance as a package.

Some Companies Use Tricky Advertising to Make You Think You’re Getting a Package Discount.

They may claim in their advertising to offer package discounts on car insurance but what they are not telling you is that you will lose a multi-policy discount on your homeowners insurance policy when you switch your car insurance policy to them because they do not underwrite home insurance in their name.

Don’t fall for it. In the majority cases it’s better for you to purchase car insurance in Philadelphia when the company also underwrites homeowners insurance in their name as well.

What if you don’t own a home? Purchasing a renters insurance policy is the same as purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy from a discount standpoint. It provides a substantial discount for both car and renters insurance when you combine both with the same company.

Don’t Purchase a Sports Car When You Have Drivers in Your Household under the Age of 21!

Did you know that many companies will automatically charge you more money when there are drivers in your household under the age of 21 and you purchase a sports car or other high-value vehicle?

Why do companies do this?

Because they know despite any assurances you may give your agent you are going to let your son or daughter drive that sports car or high-value vehicle!

They know it, so they’re going to charge you for it.  A sports car in the hands of a 16-year-old driver could be a claim waiting to happen in the eyes of most insurance companies so they will charge you accordingly.

What is the most important tip to save money on insurance in Philadelphia?

Shop the Market for the Best Options Available on Philadelphia Automobile Insurance.

Did you know that only an independent insurance agency can truly shop the market for clients to help them find deals on car insurance in Philadelphia?

Humphries Insurance is a leading independent agency in Philadelphia and you should call us today at 215-646-5633 to learn how we can help you find the best options available for Philadelphia automobile insurance.

If you find our website after hours click one of the two links below:

Newtown Square Car Insurance

Great Rates on Newtown Square Car Insurance, One Call or Click Away! 

Looking for home, life, business, or Car insurance in Newtown Square Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas? 

We can help!  Call 215-646-5633 or click Newtown Square Car Insurance for an online quote from top rated companies in our area. 

You can also request online quotes from Erie Insurance when you click Erie Insurance Newtown Square Pa. 

Newtown Square Car InsuranceMistakes We Make When We Buy Newtown Square Car Insurance. 

In our previous article, you can read about a technique we discussed that some insurance companies are using to save themselves money. Click here to view the page. 

If your credit score is at a certain level certain insurance companies will not order your CLUE or MVR report which in the past has been used to set your premium rates. 

For example the CLUE report shows insurance companies how many claims you have had in the last 7 years and the amount paid. The MVR report shows what is on your driving record. 

By not running these reports insurance companies are saving millions of dollars each year. 

However this strategy could cost policyholders a significant amount of money down the road and we will discuss this next. 

This is Why You Want Your Insurance Company to Run Your Reports. 

The headline above seems counter intuitive.  Let’s say you have excellent credit score but 3 speeding tickets on your driving record and your current insurance company knows about your tickets and gives you a large rate increase. 

Why would you care if the next insurance company doesn’t run your reports and you conveniently let it ‘slip your mind’ that you have 3 speeding tickets on your record so you can save some money? 

Note how one policy specifies your responsibility to be upfront with your insurance company: 


Coverage is not provided to any person who knowingly conceals or misrepresents any material fact or circumstance relating to this insurance: 

(a) at the time of application; or

(b) at any time during the policy period; or

(c) in connection with the presentation or settlement of a claim. 

If you ‘forgot’ to tell your company about the 3 speeding tickets on your record and they didn’t run your MVR when they issued your policy because you have excellent credit, did you not misrepresent yourself on section (a) at the time of application because you did not disclose the 3 tickets? 

It might be argued that you did in fact breach your contract at the time of you signing your application. 

Would your insurance company invoke this clause? 

It depends on a number of factors and the insurance company itself. 

Here is the more important question: Would you want to take a chance that your insurance company could rescind your policy from its inception as if it never actually existed right after you are involved in a bad accident involving serious injuries or a death that you were found to be legally responsible for causing? 

That’s a personal question that only you can answer. 

If the insurance company rescinded your Newtown Square car insurance policy as you were facing a large judgment would you now see the wisdom of being totally upfront with your insurance company right from the start? 

Naturally it would be too late after the fact, but it’s our opinion it would be a good idea for the insurance company to run the reports upfront, just in case something ‘slipped your mind.’ 

In our next article we will discuss a situation that doesn’t involve a large legal judgment but a large rate increase when companies don’t run reports initially from the start. 

Great Rates for Car Insurance in Newtown Square are One Call or Click Away! 

Call Humphries Insurance at 215-646-5633 or use our online insurance rate quote system when you click: 

Car Insurance Bryn Mawr Pa

If you’re looking for better options for home, life, business, or car insurance in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas you have found the right agency! 

Call 215-646-5633 and speak to a representative with Humphries Insurance or use our convenient online rate quote system available 24 hours per day when you click on: 

Car Insurance Bryn Mawr PaMistakes We Make On Insurance. 

In our previous article Stan and Vicki found themselves in a bit of a pinch when an agent named Fast Fingers Eddie did not properly list all of the claims activity on their record.

Eddie issued a car policy that ended up costing Stan and Vicki $400 more than their previous policy and the new home policy was cancelled by the new company placing them in a huge bind! 

On top of this Stan and Vicki cancelled their previous policies which could not be reinstated

Could This Happen To You?  You Betcha! 

It’s important for you to verify to that agents or companies properly list all of your claim activity when you are shopping for new car insurance in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania otherwise you might be in for a huge surprise later down the road as was true for Stan and Vicki. 

You can read their experience by clicking Upper Darby Car Insurance

Mistakes Made When Shopping for Auto Insurance Bryn Mawr Pa. 

Let’s discuss a technique some insurance companies are using to gain new customers that can lead to significant rate increases at some point in the future for policyholders. 

Typically insurance companies run a motor vehicle report, a CLUE report to determine claim activity, and a credit check to determine what rate to charge policyholders. 

Some insurance companies are now making a change to running reports. They will not run the CLUE or MVR report if your credit score is at a certain level! 

Why are companies doing this? 

There are 2 reasons. 

Some insurance companies are placing more emphasis on your personal credit versus your driving habits.  They are assuming that if you possess outstanding credit you will be less likely to cost the insurance company money. 

The second reason is based on trimming expenses. If the insurance company doesn’t order your CLUE or MVR report this saves the insurer money. 

For example if an insurance company is charged $8 for the MVR & CLUE report and they run 10 million quotes each year and half of the consumers seeking quotes have excellent credit, the insurance company would save $40 million dollars! 

That’s a huge amount of money and for this reason certain companies do this. 

However there is a bit of a catch with this strategy insurance companies are using that could cost policyholders a significant amount of money down the road and we will discuss this in our next article. 

Need Better Options for Car Insurance in Bryn Mawr Pa? 

Call Humphries Insurance at 215-646-5633 or use our online rate quote system when you click: 

Auto insurance Upper Darby Pa

If you’re looking for homeowners or Upper Darby Car Insurance call the personal lines specialist at Humphries Insurance by dialing 215-646-5633 or use our online rate quote system when you click Upper Darby Car Insurance. 

Want a quote from Erie Insurance? Click on Erie Insurance Upper Darby. 

In our previous article we discussed why it is important to include all tickets, accidents, claims, and not at fault accidents on your record when you’re requesting quotes for new car insurance. 

The reason why this is important is because you could receive a huge rate increase over and above the premiums quoted to you, or in a worst-case scenario a cancellation! 

What happens when the agent you request a quote from doesn’t input the correct information? 

Couple uid 1461578Mistakes Made When Shopping for Auto Insurance Upper Darby Pa.

Example: Stan and Vicki had been insured for many years through one agency and because of claim activity they received a large rate increase on their car and home insurance. 

Stan feels mistreated by his current company and decides to shop around.  He finds a new agent with a company that lowers their rates by 30% on both car and home insurance! 

Eager to take advantage of such a savings Stan meets with the new agent Fast Fingers Eddie and he issues a new car and home insurance policy for Stan and Vicki. 

About two weeks later Stan calls his soon to be former agent Michael to cancel his current policy. 

Michael expresses that he is sorry to see them go and he asks Stan if the new insurance company documented all of the activity on their driving record plus the two homeowner’s insurance claims they have had in the last three years. 

Stan confidently assures Michael that the new company issued a policy and checked everything. 

Michael asks another question: “Did you get the new policy yet?” 

Stan growing a bit irritated states “No but the agent promised we would be covered and accepted by the new company based on what was on our claims record.” 

Michael suggests, “It might be wise to get your new policy first before you cancel your existing policy just to make sure there are not any problems getting the new policy issued. I’m familiar with this particular insurance company’s underwriting standards and I don’t think they’ll take you Stan.” 

Stan wasn’t in the mood to argue so he requests the cancellation immediately and Michael takes care of that and wishes them the best. 

About 1 week after cancelling his previous policy Vicki called Stan at work in a bit of a panic. 

“Stan this new company you got us signed up with Fast Fingers Eddie is cancelling our home insurance policy and the rates on the car insurance are $400 higher than our old policy you just canceled!” 

Stan immediately called Fast Fingers Eddie and he hemmed and hawed and said something about some underwriting changes. 

Later that day Stan read the rejection letter from the new company where it clearly stated that the reason for the cancellation of the homeowners was due to undisclosed claims and the car rates are more because of undisclosed tickets. 

Stan calls his former agent back and they were able to find an insurance solution for them. 

What Lessons Can We Learn When Shopping for Insurance in Upper Darby Pa?

Always make sure agents properly list all of your driving and claims activity on your quotes otherwise you may not receive the rate as applied for! 

In our next article we will discuss a technique that some insurance companies use to gain new customers by not running their motor vehicle report and then later when an accident or claim occurs they run the reports and fully charge the insured with everything on their record at that time. 

Need an Agent You Can Trust?

Call Humphries Insurance at 215-646-5633 or click on: 

Workers Compensation Insurance Philadelphia

Looking for Better Rates on Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Philadelphia?

Call Humphries Insurance at 215-646-5633. We can help you find the workers compensation coverage you need for your business.

As a leading independent insurance agency we have the ability to shop the market for the best rates available on Workers Compensation Insurance in Philadelphia for your company no matter if you are a small or large business.

Workers Compensation Insurance PhiladelphiaWhy Choose Us for Philadelphia Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

We can help you find better options!

Companies selling workers compensation insurance direct or through captive agents can’t offer coverage through multiple companies as is true of our company.

For this reason you can trust Humphries Insurance to find better alternatives for your business as we represent top rated and highly competitive workers compensation insurance companies in Philadelphia.

Why Should I Shop My Philadelphia Workers Comp Insurance?

Rate can differ significantly between workers compensation insurance companies in Philadelphia.  For instance one company may be paying $10,000 per year for the workers compensation insurance while another company is only paying $7000 per year!

Why can there be such a large difference in premiums between companies?

There are a number of reasons why rates fluctuate between companies.  One of the principal reasons is based on claims activity.

Example of How Philadelphia Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Set Pricing.

Let’s assume a certain insurance company wishes to offer Worker’s Compensation insurance to a certain niche of construction workers, for instance workers Compensation insurance for roofing contractors as an example.

Prior to insurance companies opening up a different line of business they will typically analyze their competition and price their business insurance packages lower to gain market share.

Let’s assume the ABC Insurance Group prices their workers compensation insurance for roofers in Philadelphia at a 30% price modification.

This tactic proves to be very effective and roofing contractors from all over the state of Pennsylvania begin to buy insurance with this company because the rates are very good.

Later claims begin to be filed with the ABC Insurance Group at a rate significantly more than projected by the insurance company and because of this they need to raise prices by 50% just to break even!

While it’s true there are a number of other factors that influence the prices of workers compensation insurance, claims paid by insurance companies is the principal factor in determining Philadelphia workers compensation pricing!

Some Insurers are more aggressive in pricing and do not experience heavy claims activity while other companies have more claims than anticipated and must take aggressive rate action to avoid financial downgrades.

For this reason worker’s comp rates can differ from company to company by a significant amount.

Choose Humphries Insurance When You Need Philadelphia Workers Compensation Insurance.

Call us today at 215-646-5633 for better alternatives on Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance.

We can insure any type of company, big or small!

Landlord Insurance Philadelphia

Why Choose Us for Landlord Insurance in Philadelphia?

Landlord Insurance PhiladelphiaIf you’re looking for great options for landlord insurance in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas look no further!

Call 215-646-5633 to speak with a licensed agent when you are looking for insurance on rental properties in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. 

Or use our convenient online quote form by clicking insurance for landlords Philadelphia

We Can Shop the Market for Philadelphia Landlord Insurance. 

As a leading independent agency we can shop the market for the best options currently being offered on Landlord insurance in Philadelphia among a wide variety of different insurance companies. 

Agents representing only one company are known as captive agents and they do not have the ability to offer this service.

As you’re shopping for landlord insurance make sure the agency you choose has the ability to represent a large number of insurers just like our company, or you can just choose us!

Call 215-646-5633 to speak with one of our rental property specialist or click on insurance for rental property Philadelphia to send your information to us online.

Insurance for Rental Properties in Philadelphia This Is What You Need to Know.

You can either purchase a commercial insurance policy or an individual policy. Commercial insurance is normally reserved for real estate investors with apartment buildings with four units or more or a number of individually owned rentals.

An individual rental policy might be best for small real estate investors.

There are advantages to the rental commercial insurance policy such as the ability to choose higher limits of liability and the option to cover all of your rental properties on one policy.

Additionally with the individual rental policy and the commercial insurance policy there are three different coverage options:

  • Basic
  • Broad
  • Special 

The basic and the broad policy form provide insurance coverage only for claim events named in the policy. This policy is typically known as a named perils policy

The basic policy coverage form usually only offers actual cash value loss settlements. (ACV)

Actual cash value loss of settlements take into consideration depreciation, whereas replacement cost coverage settlement options do not. An ACV loss settlement would typically pay rental owners less money on claims.

The special policy form offers real estate investors the best coverage options on landlord insurance in Philadelphia as it does not restrict coverage based on named perils coverage.

Which Landlord Insurance Policy Is Best for You?

We can help you choose the best options for your individual needs.

Call 215-646-5633 or click apartment building insurance Philadelphia to submit your information to us online.

Landlord Rental insurance is also available in the following areas:

  • Landlord Insurance Blue Bell Pa
  • Landlord Insurance Norristown
  • Landlord Insurance Willow Grove
  • Warrington Pennsylvania Landlord Insurance
  • Allentown Pennsylvania Landlord Insurance

Contractors Insurance Philadelphia

Contractors Insurance PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Contractors Insurance – Quotes & Coverage The Same Day!

When you’re searching for contractors insurance in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas call 215-646-5633!

Or use our convenient online quote submission system when you click Contractors Insurance Philadelphia.

Humphries Insurance represents a large number of companies offering fantastic pricing for contractors insurance in Philadelphia!

Prices As Low As $425 per Year for Philadelphia Contractors Insurance!

If you need great prices and fast coverage we can help!

As a leading independent insurance agency in Philadelphia we can help you find the appropriate commercial insurance no matter if you are a subcontractor, general contractor, starting a brand-new construction company, or you are a construction firm with many years of experience.

Please be aware that not all contractors will qualify for our $425 general liability insurance program, but many will.

How Can You Determine If You Qualify for Our $425 Philadelphia Contractors Insurance Program?

Please call us at 215-646-5633 to speak with one of our commercial lines specialists or if it’s after hours send your information to us online when you click Philadelphia Contractors Insurance.

The $425 contractors insurance program is for general liability insurance only and does not include coverage for tools, workers compensation insurance, commercial automobile insurance, employment practice liability insurance, professional liability insurance, cyber liability insurance, or builders risk insurance.

If you need coverage for any of these different types of insurance policies we can help. Call us or submit your information to us online by clicking Philadelphia Contractors Insurance.

What Type of Contractors Insurance Do Your Need? 

It is really dependent on a number of factors including the exact type of work you perform.  For example if you are an individual painter with no employees looking for insurance for painters in Philadelphia you might only need general liability insurance and coverage for your tools.*

If you are a general contractor or much larger construction company it’s likely you will need Philadelphia workers compensation insurance, commercial auto to protect your vehicles, Philadelphia contractors bond, business personal property covering buildings you own and equipment that is either leased or owned, builders risk insurance policy in Philadelphia, employers liability insurance, professional liability insurance, cyber liability coverage, commercial crime coverage, and perhaps even employment practices liability insurance.*

The Right Kind of Contractors Insurance Coverage is Important. 

Choosing the right coverage is more than important, it’s absolutely necessary!

Any claims not paid by insurance would be the responsibility of the business or even the business owner if certain legal structures are not in place.

What would happen if your business was hit with a $10,000 claim not payable by insurance? If you are a sub-contractor a $10,000 out-of-pocket might mean the difference between you continuing to work on your own or needing to work for another company or file for bankruptcy protection.

What if the claim was $100,000 or even $1 million or more?

Certainly larger construction firms may be in a position to absorb such a claim but the most important question is this: would you want to take the chance of absorbing a large claim?

The quickest route for large construction firms to file for bankruptcy protection is when they are facing a large judgment not covered by your Philadelphia contractors insurance policy!

Contact Humphries Insurance Today When You Need Contractors Insurance in Philadelphia!

Call to speak with our business insurance specialist by dialing 215-646-5633 or submit your information to us online when you click on Contractors Insurance Philadelphia Pa.

Need Business Insurance in Other Areas?

  • Contractor’s insurance Blue Bell Pa
  • Contractors insurance Norristown
  • Contractors insurance Conshohocken
  • Contractors insurance upper Darby Pa
  • Contractors insurance King of Prussia Pa

*This is a general assumption and you should not rely upon this information exclusively as your circumstances may require other coverage not listed. Call our office to speak with one of our representatives for more details.

  • Car Insurance

    A common mistake made by insurance shoppers is assuming coverage is identical between insurance companies.

    You might have the same limits of liability and deductibles with two different insurance companies, yet the claims results can be completely different.

    That's why it's important to work with our insurance team. We will help you put together an insurance plan to meet your individual needs.

    Call us today at 215-646-5633 or use our convenient online rate quote system when you click on instant quotes for car or home insurance!

  • Home Insurance

    Do you know the difference between the HO3 and HO5 Policy Form?

    The difference in coverage between the two policy forms might mean the difference between a claim being covered or denied on your personal property!

    The HO5 is a superior policy yet the majority of home insurance policies sold today is the HO3!

    Call us today at 215-646-5633 or use our convenient online rate quote system when you click on instant quotes for home insurance to learn why the HO5 is better!!

  • Business Insurance

    There are a variety of different types of business insurance policies available for companies.

    From General Liability, Business Property Coverage, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial Crime Coverage, Inland Marine Coverage, Cyber Liability Insurance, and many more.

    We at Humphries Insurance can help you choose the coverage most appropriate for your company.

    Call us today at 215-646-5633.