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Mistakes Made When Shopping for Havertown Auto Insurance.

In our previous article we discussed the importance of properly disclosing all activity on our driving record. 

What can happen if we fail to take this step? 

Example: Racing Ricky has a lead foot and has accumulated five speeding tickets over the last 18 months.  Ricky’s current insurance company noted his need for speed along with five extra speeding tickets and doubled his insurance premiums

Doubling Ricky’s insurance premiums came as a bit of a surprise to Ricky’s current insurance agent after he discussed the matter with him because he thought the company would cancel him because of his driving record

Racing Ricky doesn’t like his new insurance premium so he shops around and conveniently forgets to tell the new agent about three of the five tickets assuming they won’t find them since they occurred in different states. 

The premium rate is half of what his current company wants to charge him and so racing Ricky buys a policy from the new company and cancels his existing policy despite his current agent encouragement not to take this action because he can’t believe the current company is offering Ricky the premium rate that they are. (Ricky conveniently forgot to tell his old agent that he didn’t document all of his violations) 

Two weeks later Racing Ricky receives a cancellation notice in the mail from the new company because five speeding tickets violate their underwriting guidelines so they return Ricky’s down payment check. 

Ricky now races to the telephone to call other agents to only discover that the best rate he can now find is triple what he was paying before! 

Ricky calls his former agent and much to his dismay they will not reinstate his old policy he just canceled so Ricky is forced to pay three times more money than what he was before! 

This is What Can Happen When We Don’t Disclose Everything on Our Driving Record!

In our next article we will relate 1 additional example of how agents/companies may not properly document or list all of your tickets/accidents on your record. 

This can also lead to either a cancellation notice issued soon after you buy a new insurance policy or at some point in time you will receive a substantial rate increase!

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