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Tow Truck Insurance PhiladelphiaAre you looking for tow truck insurance in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas? If so you have found the right company. 

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Commercial Tow Truck Insurance Companies in Philadelphia Are Limited! 

Only a limited number of insurance companies offer tow truck insurance in Philadelphia. 

The agents of Humphries Insurance can shop the market with top rated companies offering commercial truck insurance no matter if you are a brand-new business or an existing company with years of experience. 

When shopping for Philadelphia commercial tow truck insurance it’s important not to purchase only the minimum liability limits.

Choose Your Liability Coverage Wisely. 

Because towing insurance in Philadelphia is not inexpensive some tow truck operators may be tempted to purchase only a minimum amount of coverage assuming that an accident will never occur. 

Claim Scenario: Steve Jacobs has worked for the same towing company for years when the owner decides to sell his business to a competitor and Steve is out of a job. 

Steve’s girlfriend Joanne suggest that maybe he should open up his own shop since he has a good relationship with many of the local law-enforcement officers. 

Steve finds a used tow truck for a very reasonable price, secures a loan and begins to contact his law enforcement friends to let them know he is now in business for himself. 

Steve then remembers that he needs towing insurance so he calls around only to discover that the insurance rates for a new start up towing business without previous insurance is quite expensive. 

Steve tells the agent offering the best deal on a particular Philadelphia tow truck insurance policy to reduce his coverage from $1 million down to the state minimum liability limits of $15,000 per person/ $30,000 per occurrence with $5,000 in property damage. 

Steve makes his down payment and immediately begins to receive jobs from local law enforcement. 

About six months later Steve is transporting a wrecked SUV to the city impound lot when he hits a patch of ice and slams into the back of a Honda Civic completely crushing the car and sending the passenger to the hospital. 

The claim is submitted to Steve’s insurance company and he receives a return phone call the 3 days later from the claims adjuster advising Steve that he may want to speak with an attorney because he had already heard from the family of the driver of the Honda Civic and a lawsuit was filed against Steve seeking $500,000 in damages! 

The claims adjuster advises Steve that since he only has $15,000 of coverage for bodily injury this amount of coverage will exceed the policy limit and the insurance company’s duty to defend Steve would end when they make an offer to pay the maximum out under his insurance policy. 

Steve hires an attorney and eventually a judgment of $217,000 is ordered by the judge. 

Steve is forced to close his new company and liquidate all of his assets to cover the judgment.

It Might Be a Mistake to Purchase the Minimum Limits When Shopping for Philadelphia Tow Truck Insurance! 

Many towing companies carry $1 million of liability insurance in our area, but would that be enough insurance coverage if you were held legally responsible for an accident that involved a serious injury or even a fatality? 

Perhaps not. It’s important to choose your liability limits wisely. 

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