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As an independent insurance agency Humphries Insurance can help you find the coverage you need. 

Common Mistakes Made When Shopping for Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania. 

In a series of articles we are going to discuss mistakes that are commonly made by policyholders when shopping for car insurance in Pennsylvania. 

Because the insurance industry is highly competitive there are many companies and insurance agents looking to earn your business. 

Some insurance companies rely exclusively on television advertisements, while other companies use local agents in combination with television advertisements. 

Finally there are groups of agents known as independent insurance agents who represent companies that rarely advertise on television. 

Which Agent or Company Is Best When Shopping for Auto Insurance in Blue Bell Pennsylvania? 

The answer might surprise some of you especially if you purchased insurance with a company that sells direct, or from another company that advertises heavily on television. 

In most cases the best place to purchase auto insurance in Pennsylvania is with a company that doesn’t spend any money on advertising

Why is that the case? Television advertising is extremely expensive and because of this fact insurance companies spend billions of dollars each year trying to convince you to pick up the phone and call for an insurance quote! 

Who pays for the nonstop TV advertising commercials that run 24/7 from insurance companies? 

If you are insured with that company, you are paying for those commercials

So insurance companies advertising so heavily on television are using your premium dollars to attract other policyholders and the cycle repeats itself over and over again. 

A Lower Cost Alternative Is Available When Shopping for Insurance in Blue Bell Pennsylvania!

What if you could find insurers that do not spend hundreds of millions of dollars on expensive television advertising? 

Humphries Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency in Bluebell Pennsylvania and most of the companies we represent do not spend any money on expensive television advertising and pass this savings on to their policyholders.

So the first common mistake policyholders make when shopping for insurance in Pennsylvania is that they do not purchase from an independent insurance agency like Humphries Insurance.

In our next article we will discuss the second reason why consumers overpay on their insurance.

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    A common mistake made by insurance shoppers is assuming coverage is identical between insurance companies.

    You might have the same limits of liability and deductibles with two different insurance companies, yet the claims results can be completely different.

    That's why it's important to work with our insurance team. We will help you put together an insurance plan to meet your individual needs.

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    Do you know the difference between the HO3 and HO5 Policy Form?

    The difference in coverage between the two policy forms might mean the difference between a claim being covered or denied on your personal property!

    The HO5 is a superior policy yet the majority of home insurance policies sold today is the HO3!

    Call us today at 215-646-5633 or use our convenient online rate quote system when you click on instant quotes for home insurance to learn why the HO5 is better!!

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    From General Liability, Business Property Coverage, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial Crime Coverage, Inland Marine Coverage, Cyber Liability Insurance, and many more.

    We at Humphries Insurance can help you choose the coverage most appropriate for your company.

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