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Why Choose Us for Landlord Insurance in Philadelphia?

Landlord Insurance PhiladelphiaIf you’re looking for great options for landlord insurance in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas look no further!

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We Can Shop the Market for Philadelphia Landlord Insurance. 

As a leading independent agency we can shop the market for the best options currently being offered on Landlord insurance in Philadelphia among a wide variety of different insurance companies. 

Agents representing only one company are known as captive agents and they do not have the ability to offer this service.

As you’re shopping for landlord insurance make sure the agency you choose has the ability to represent a large number of insurers just like our company, or you can just choose us!

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Insurance for Rental Properties in Philadelphia This Is What You Need to Know.

You can either purchase a commercial insurance policy or an individual policy. Commercial insurance is normally reserved for real estate investors with apartment buildings with four units or more or a number of individually owned rentals.

An individual rental policy might be best for small real estate investors.

There are advantages to the rental commercial insurance policy such as the ability to choose higher limits of liability and the option to cover all of your rental properties on one policy.

Additionally with the individual rental policy and the commercial insurance policy there are three different coverage options:

  • Basic
  • Broad
  • Special 

The basic and the broad policy form provide insurance coverage only for claim events named in the policy. This policy is typically known as a named perils policy

The basic policy coverage form usually only offers actual cash value loss settlements. (ACV)

Actual cash value loss of settlements take into consideration depreciation, whereas replacement cost coverage settlement options do not. An ACV loss settlement would typically pay rental owners less money on claims.

The special policy form offers real estate investors the best coverage options on landlord insurance in Philadelphia as it does not restrict coverage based on named perils coverage.

Which Landlord Insurance Policy Is Best for You?

We can help you choose the best options for your individual needs.

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Philadelphia Business Insurance.

If you’re looking for business insurance in Philadelphia look no further!  Contact the business insurance specialist at Humphries Insurance by calling 215-646-5633. 

Philadelphia Business InsuranceWe offer business insurance for a wide variety of different companies and pricing starts as low as $275 for the year! 

Need coverage today? 

Call us before 12 o’clock Monday through Friday and one of our licensed business insurance representatives will be happy to help you. 

Business Owners Insurance Philadelphia, One Call or Click Away! 

Business insurance can be complicated and it’s important to work with an agency that represents a large number of insurance carriers that can meet your commercial insurance needs. 

Please note a few different types of specific business insurance programs we offer in Pennsylvania: 

Business Insurance Philadelphia – Why It’s Important to Pick the Right Coverage? 

Picking the right coverage is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when shopping for business insurance in Philadelphia. 


And uncovered claim could lead to a significant out-of-pocket expense for the business or the owner which could regrettably include closure of the business. 

Example: Tony Sims owns a family lumber yard that was founded in 1917 by his great grandfather Joseph Sims. 

Their company specializes in providing material for the building industry and they offer free delivery.

One of Tony’s employees named Jonathan is making a delivery to a home builder on the north side of town. He receives a text message from his mother that his father had been rushed to the hospital because of a possible heart attack. 

Jonathan was obviously very upset over this message and accidentally ran a red light running into a car driven by Janet Hicks. 

This accident resulted in the death of Janet. Janet’s husband filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Sims lumberyard that resulted in a $5 million judgment. 

Unable to pay for the judgment Sims lumberyard was forced into bankruptcy and the company was liquidated. 

Sims lumberyard had purchased a $1 million auto liability policy but declined purchasing an additional $5 million umbrella policy offered to them just six months before the accident by their insurance agent. 

This insurance mistake made by Sims lumberyard was not purchasing enough liability protection. 

Call Us Today When You Need Business Insurance in Philadelphia! 

As a leading independent insurance agency in Philadelphia we can help your company find the coverage you need. 

Call us today at 215-646-5633 to speak with one of our commercial lines specialist when you’re shopping for Philadelphia Business Insurance.

  • Car Insurance

    A common mistake made by insurance shoppers is assuming coverage is identical between insurance companies.

    You might have the same limits of liability and deductibles with two different insurance companies, yet the claims results can be completely different.

    That's why it's important to work with our insurance team. We will help you put together an insurance plan to meet your individual needs.

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  • Home Insurance

    Do you know the difference between the HO3 and HO5 Policy Form?

    The difference in coverage between the two policy forms might mean the difference between a claim being covered or denied on your personal property!

    The HO5 is a superior policy yet the majority of home insurance policies sold today is the HO3!

    Call us today at 215-646-5633 or use our convenient online rate quote system when you click on instant quotes for home insurance to learn why the HO5 is better!!

  • Business Insurance

    There are a variety of different types of business insurance policies available for companies.

    From General Liability, Business Property Coverage, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial Crime Coverage, Inland Marine Coverage, Cyber Liability Insurance, and many more.

    We at Humphries Insurance can help you choose the coverage most appropriate for your company.

    Call us today at 215-646-5633.