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Mistakes Made When Shopping for Collegeville Auto Insurance.

In a previous article we discussed how insurance buyers can fall victim to bait and switch insurance pricing.

One policyholder in their objective to save money had an unethical agent double their deductibles and cut their liability coverage in half to save them money without their knowledge.

The practical lesson learned by this example is to double check that the limits of liability and deductible are the same before you buy a policy from the new company.

In this article we are going to discuss the importance of making sure that all of the tickets/accidents on your record or other drivers listed on your policy are properly disclosed and documented.

Why Should You Disclose All of Your Driving and Claims Activity on Your Record?

Years ago it was a little easier to conveniently ‘forget’ about a ticket or accident on your record prior to the spread of computing technology.

Today insurance companies have established a national database where they can check all of your claim activity and moving violations in every state and territory in the United States and they can do that instantly at a push of the button.

So when you are shopping for car insurance in Collegeville Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas try your best to disclose upfront all of your activity.

What Can Happen to Your Newly Purchased Policy When the Company Discovers Additional Tickets or Accidents on Your Record?

Failing to disclose everything on your record may cause either a cancellation notice to be issue soon after you buy the policy or you will receive a substantial rate increase!

Receiving a cancellation notice or a significant rate increase can cause policyholders big trouble and defeat the purpose of switching to a new company in the first place!

In our next article we will share an example of how this exact situation might happen to any person who fails to properly disclose all tickets and accidents on your record even if you don’t believe you think it matters.

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