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Why Protect Your Business with Our Restaurant Insurance PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Restaurant Insurance Program? 

Your business is likely more than your largest investment. It’s also your livelihood. 

Taking steps to protect your largest asset with appropriate business insurance is not only a wise investment but it could very well protect you and your family’s financial future. 

What would happen if an insurance claim occurs at your restaurant that isn’t covered by insurance, or let’s assume you did not purchase enough insurance to cover the claim? 

It only takes one claim occurring at the worst possible time that could have a devastating impact upon your business and in a worst case scenario an un-covered claims event could force you to close your doors permanently. 

For this reason it’s important to not take shortcuts on your Philadelphia Restaurant Insurance program.

Why It’s Vital to Pick the Right Coverage? 

As a restaurant owner you have unique exposures not typical of other small businesses. 

For instance if you serve alcoholic beverages, it would be very important to seriously consider purchasing Philadelphia liquor liability insurance. 


A patron becomes intoxicated after visiting your establishment, operates a motor vehicle and is involved in an accident resulting in serious injury or death to himself or other parties. 

Could you be held liable?  Naturally it depends on the circumstances but there is always a possibility you could be held financially liable and a significant judgment without Philadelphia liquor liability insurance would force you to pay all cost involved. 

Philadelphia liquor liability insurance may cover the restaurant’s attorney’s fees, court costs, and any civil or criminal damages awarded up to your individual policy limit. 

We Can Help You Find Restaurant Insurance in Philadelphia. 

There are a number of different unanticipated claims situation you can face as a restaurant owner.

There are also a number of different insurance solutions to protect your business. We will take time to discuss your individual needs for commercial restaurant insurance in Philadelphia. 

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Philadelphia Business Insurance.

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Business Owners Insurance Philadelphia, One Call or Click Away! 

Business insurance can be complicated and it’s important to work with an agency that represents a large number of insurance carriers that can meet your commercial insurance needs. 

Please note a few different types of specific business insurance programs we offer in Pennsylvania: 

Business Insurance Philadelphia – Why It’s Important to Pick the Right Coverage? 

Picking the right coverage is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when shopping for business insurance in Philadelphia. 


And uncovered claim could lead to a significant out-of-pocket expense for the business or the owner which could regrettably include closure of the business. 

Example: Tony Sims owns a family lumber yard that was founded in 1917 by his great grandfather Joseph Sims. 

Their company specializes in providing material for the building industry and they offer free delivery.

One of Tony’s employees named Jonathan is making a delivery to a home builder on the north side of town. He receives a text message from his mother that his father had been rushed to the hospital because of a possible heart attack. 

Jonathan was obviously very upset over this message and accidentally ran a red light running into a car driven by Janet Hicks. 

This accident resulted in the death of Janet. Janet’s husband filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Sims lumberyard that resulted in a $5 million judgment. 

Unable to pay for the judgment Sims lumberyard was forced into bankruptcy and the company was liquidated. 

Sims lumberyard had purchased a $1 million auto liability policy but declined purchasing an additional $5 million umbrella policy offered to them just six months before the accident by their insurance agent. 

This insurance mistake made by Sims lumberyard was not purchasing enough liability protection. 

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    You might have the same limits of liability and deductibles with two different insurance companies, yet the claims results can be completely different.

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