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Mistakes Made When Shopping for Car Insurance in Haverford Pennsylvania. 

In our previous article we discussed the importance of disclosing all tickets/accidents on our driving records when shopping for new insurance in Pennsylvania. 

The reason it’s important to take this step is because we may not qualify for the rate quoted which can result in either a rate increase, cancellation, or both as was true for the example we used of racing Ricky. 

You can read about Racing Ricky’s experience to see how he learned the hard way to disclose everything on his driving record by clicking on Racing Ricky’s Experience

In this article we are going to consider how some policyholders can through no fault of their own either receive a rate increase or a cancellation notice from their insurance company because the agent did not properly document all of the activity on the insureds driving record

What Steps Can You Take to Avoid a Situation like This? 

If you decide to shop for new car insurance in Haverford Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas make sure that any new insurance quotes include all tickets, accidents, claims, and not at fault accidents on your record. 

Why should you not forget to count not at fault accidents on your driving record? 

Unfortunately not at fault accidents can change your premium rates.   Some insurance companies count not at fault accidents just as much as at fault accidents when you have two or more in five years! 

So in summary it is vital to properly disclose everything on your driving record otherwise you may receive a significant rate increase over and above the premiums quoted to you, or a cancellation which could place you in a very bad situation!

In our next article will discuss what happened to Stan and Vicki who failed to take this action and verify that the agent properly documented all activity on their record. 

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