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Mistakes Made When Shopping for Auto Insurance in Norristown Pennsylvania. 

In previous article we discuss why our Norristown Pennsylvania independent agency is a great place to purchase insurance.  The reason why is based on the fact insurers typically represented by independent insurance agencies do not spend much money if any on expensive television commercials thereby passing the savings on to policyholders. 

Today we are going to discuss why you need to verify your insurance quotes before switching to a new insurance company. 

Trust but Verify When Shopping for Insurance in Norristown Pennsylvania.

As was mentioned in a previous article the insurance industry is quite competitive.  There could literally be hundreds of different companies trying to earn your business all at the same time.

Because it is so competitive sometimes agents or companies will use techniques that are less than ethical to earn your business.

Watch Out For This Bait and Switch Trick! 

It’s likely that you are familiar with the term bait and switch. A company advertises one price but when you show up to buy the product or service it’s a different price hence, bait and switch.

This happens occasionally in the insurance industry by a relatively few unethical insurance agents with high expectations from their companies along with large production quotas. 

This type of unethical business behavior is not widespread but it does take place and we want to show you how to avoid this type of situation that could harm you financially down the road in the event of a catastrophic claim.

The Insurance Bait and Switch Trick.

Please note 3 types of bait and switch tricks we have observed over the years:

  • Agents/Companies quoting limits of liability that may be lower than your current coverage.
  • Agents/Companies Increasing deductibles without your knowledge hoping you won’t notice it on your declaration page.
  • Agents/Companies Not listing all of your violations or claims on your record.

In our next article we will relate 1 example of how bait and switch works by some agents/companies to earn your business.

We at Pathway Insurance Never Use Questionable Tactics to Gain Your Trust!

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