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One Important Step You Should Take When Shopping for Philadelphia Home Insurance.

It’s vitally important to check your coverage before changing to a new insurance company.

It’s very difficult to accurately compare a Philadelphia homeowners insurance policy simply by the price you pay for your coverage.


The reason is based on the fact that not all homeowner’s insurance policies are identical.

For instance you can have the same limits of liability, the same property coverage on your home, and yet the claim results can turn a completely different!

Note the Following Claims Example:

Grace and Mike Zimmer have been insured with the same Philadelphia homeowners insurance company for over 10 years and it seems as if every year the insurance rates go up.

Mike decides to find lower cost coverage with another company and he discusses his need for lower rates with a new agent named Fast Fingers Eddie who just so happened to open up a new insurance office down the street from where Mike works.

Fast fingers Eddie quickly types up a new insurance proposal saving Mike and Grace $175 per year on their Philadelphia homeowners insurance.

Mike discusses the quotes with his wife later that evening and Grace asks Mike if Fast Fingers Eddie matched up all of their coverage.

‘I believe so the coverage looks the same on the quote.’ Mike replies.

Mike purchases a policy from Fast Fingers Eddie and calls his former agent to cancel his existing policy and happily pockets his $175 savings.

About three months later Mike is surfing the web on the computer and shows his wife a funny YouTube video when a loud boom shakes their home and all the power goes off.

Mike calls an electrician who comes out first thing in the morning and advises them that they had a power surge and that they should turn this claim into their insurance company for the damages.

Mike immediately calls fast fingers Eddie to turn a claim in and a claims adjuster stops out the next day to assess the damage.

Evidently the power surge caused some extensive damage requiring a new circuit breaker and some rewiring, the motors for the garage door openers were destroyed is estimated to run about $5000, plus an additional $5000 worth of personal electronics including a surround sound system, a 3-D LED 60 inch television that was just purchased two months before, 2 computers, and a iPad that was plugged into the charger when the power surge occurred.

Seven days later Mike and Grace receive a check in the mail for $4000.  Confused and a little angry they call their agent because they are expecting a check for $9000. (Their deductible was $1000)

In our next article we will discuss why their claim settlement was off by $5000!

Home Insurance in Philadelphia Is a Bit More Complicated Than the Price We Pay! 

As was mentioned in the beginning of this article it’s important to check your coverage before switching to a new insurance company.

Choosing the wrong coverage options can leave you footing a large portion of the bill when you are searching for better options on homeowners insurance in Philadelphia.

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