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When Shopping for Philadelphia Homeowners Insurance Double Check Your Coverage! 

In our previous article we discussed the experience of Grace and Mike Zimmer. Click here to read their claims experience. 

They had been insured with the same homeowner’s insurance company for over 10 years and because of a number of rate increases they wanted to shop around to find better rates on home insurance in Philadelphia. 

They purchase a new home insurance policy from an agent we will call Fast Fingers Eddie who opened up a new office down the street from Mike’s office. 

Unfortunately a few months later a power surge causes a significant amount of damage to their home and personal property and they filed an insurance claim with their new insurance company. 

Seven days later Mike and Grace receive a check in the mail for $4000. Confused and a little angry they call Fast Fingers Eddie because they were expecting a check for $9000 out of the $10,000 claim. (Their deductible was $1000) 

Fast Fingers Eddie promises he would check into the discrepancy for them and about two hours later a claims adjuster named Stanley called Mike to give him bad news. 

Stanley explains to Mike that his personal property which includes his surround sound system, 3-D LED 60 inch television, 2 computers, and an iPad that was plugged into the charger when the power surge occurred would not be covered because of a specific exclusion in his homeowner’s insurance policy. 

In our next article we will explore this exclusion in more detail so you can learn how to avoid a situation similar to what Mike and Grace went through. 

Because of the complexities of Insurance it’s best to work with an agency with many years of experience helping policyholders obtain the necessary coverage. 

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It’s almost impossible to compare policies strictly by the price you pay as was true for Mike and Grace Zimmer.  While it’s true this is a fictional story the claims results would be accurate if they occurred exactly as specified in this account! 

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